What Are The Cons of Dermal Fillers?

Are you thinking about getting dermal fillers but are worried about what could go wrong? Well, you’re in the right place because today we’ll discuss some cons of dermal fillers. But it doesn’t end there! 

If you’re still considering this treatment, Our doctors at NWME Aesthetics can help you identify whether dermal fillers are best for you! So first, let’s see a quick review of what dermal fillers are. 

Dermal Fillers

As we age, we lose bone and fat, which makes our faces look thinner. Because of this, the beginning can start to lose its shape. You might look tired if your cheeks are sunken and your eyes are hollow. At NWME Aesthetics, we can lift your body and fill out your face with dermal fillers to make you look younger and healthier.

Dermal fillers have Hyaluronic acid (HA) as a substance. A substance that can also be found on your skin and keeps the skin moist and full. HA fillers are soft, clear gels that work right away. When trying for fillers, an anesthetic is added to HA fillers to help reduce pain during and after treatment.

So, what are the terrible things about having dermal fillers? Let’s see below this section. 

Fillers aren’t permanent.

It’s important to know that dermal fillers are not permanent fixes. Depending on the type of filler used, the effects can last anywhere from six months to two years. This means you must get touch-up injections occasionally to keep your new look. This can be expensive and take time, so it’s essential to consider it.

The Side Effects

Most people have few or no side effects, but some may get redness, swelling, bruises, or itching where they got the shot. These side effects often go away on their own after a few days, but sometimes they can last longer. There is also a tiny chance of worse side effects, like an infection or an allergic reaction. Before getting dermal fillers, you should discuss these risks with your doctor.

Fillers are Not The Same

Fillers come in many different forms, each with pros and cons. Some fillers are better at filling fine lines and wrinkles, while others are better at giving the cheeks more volume. Choosing a filler that fits your needs and working with a skilled and experienced injector is essential.

Fillers Can Be Too Much!

When too much filler is injected or injected wrong, the result can look unnatural and even make the person look worse. This is why it’s so important to choose an injector with the skills and experience you need to get results that look natural.

These are only some negative points of using and trying dermal fillers. But remember, even though there are some risks to consider, many people find that the benefits of dermal fillers are more important than the risks. 

So, how do dermal fillers work for their advantages, and in what areas can you use them? Scroll down for more details! 

How It Works

At NWME Aesthetics, We carefully placed HA fillers under the skin to help lift and shape the face. This helps bring back the volume we lose as we age. You will see results immediately, which look even better once fully integrated into the skin, about 4-6 weeks later.

You can expect results to last 1-2 years. We suggest you get maintenance treatments every so often to keep your results looking promising. Besides, neuromodulators and fillers are often used together to get more natural results. There are many different products to choose from, and during your consultation, we will help you choose the right ones. 

We aim to keep you looking like yourself but also want you to look refreshed and renewed when you leave. So in case you’re interested, here are some areas where we can apply fillers for your skin.

Under-eye (Tear Troughs)

People often worry about their eyes looking tired. This is one of our most-requested treatments because it is subtle but makes a big difference. There are many ways to look at the area under your eyes. So, we recommend you have a consultation to determine the best treatment.


Depending on the person, a filler is used to restore lost volume, lift and shape the cheeks, and smooth out wrinkles. This treatment makes laugh lines less noticeable and makes a face look thinner. Most of the time, one to three syringes of filler are used.


This area is one of the best matches! This treatment restores the skin under the eyes and gives the perfect lift and shape to the cheeks. This makes laugh lines less noticeable and gives the lower face a slimmer look.

Lip Enhance/Plump 

Are you looking for natural ways to make your lips kissable and look better? You need this treatment! The right products and methods are chosen during the treatment to achieve the desired results. Most of the time, three syringes of filler are used.

Lip Hydrate/Restore 

Do you want to keep your lips moist without changing their size or shape? This treatment makes the lips less dry and makes lines less noticeable. Most of the time, three syringes of filler are used.

Chin Augmentation

Filler is used to restoring the bone support in the chin, making a face look more even. On average, one to three syringes of filler are used.

Deciding What’s Best

It’s important to remember that dermal fillers have pros and cons, but there are also many pros. 

If you decide to get dermal fillers, you can do some things to lower the risks and ensure you get the best results possible. You can avoid taking certain medicines and supplements before your shot because they make you more likely to bleed or bruise. 

You should also closely follow the aftercare instructions with your injector to reduce the chance of side effects. Again, dermal fillers are not the only way to improve your appearance. There are services like Wrinkle Relaxers, Biostimulators, and even Kybella Treatment for better appearance. 

If you need clarification on dermal fillers or the risks, try one of these options instead. Even though dermal fillers have some downsides, they can be a safe and effective way to improve your looks. 

You can get natural-looking results that boost your confidence and make you feel your best if you work with a skilled injector and take steps to reduce the risks. Do your research, consider the pros and cons, and choose based on your learning.

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