How Do Natural Growth Factor Injections Benefit the Hair?

Natural growth factor injections are a cutting-edge procedure used to promote the development of new cells and collagen in the treated area. It is a potent treatment helpful in addressing several aesthetic concerns. For instance, natural growth factor injections can help reverse the effects of alopecia or hair loss.

Let’s look at the many benefits of natural growth factor injections, including their usefulness in restoring hair growth.

What are Natural Growth Factor Injections?

Natural growth factor injections are a procedure that uses the growth factors your body produces to initiate cell healing, restoration, and regrowth. It is guaranteed safe because it uses substances drawn from the patient’s body. This treatment has several applications, including:

  • Smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation by combating excess pigments
  • Erases scars
  • Restores youthful glow to aging skin

And, of course, natural growth factor injections also initiate help regrowth.

How Do Natural Growth Factor Injections Work?

Natural Growth Factors with fibrins – or “Liquid Gold” therapy, as it is colloquially known -is a new procedure that transforms fibrinogen into fibrin. Your blood is extracted and spun in a centrifuge to separate your blood plasma (which contains the body’s growth factors). The extracted growth factors and fibrins are administered into the treatment area.

Your platelets are kept alive by this fibrin matrix, which also enables them to secrete growth factors that will keep them alive for a long time.

How Natural Growth Factor Injections Help Hair Restoration

Natural growth factor injections stimulate the creation of new hair. Your natural growth factors may be injected into the area where volume loss is visible, into the scalp to encourage hair growth and scalp rejuvenation, or in combination with microneedling to encourage the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Injections of natural growth factors are excellent in promoting the development of hair follicles in cases of androgenic alopecia. Platelet-derived growth factors encourage the development of hair follicles.

Natural growth factor injections into the scalp benefit people with pattern alopecia, hair loss at the top of the scalp, and a receding hairline along the temples. However, you cannot receive this therapy if you are bald because it does not promote new hair growth on bald patches.

Natural growth factor injections can only thicken the already thinning hair by rejuvenating the hair follicles.

The Other Uses of Natural Growth Factor Injections

In addition to being effective for hair regeneration, the injections can also treat collagen loss, fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, acne scars, facial volume loss, uneven skin tone, dark under-eye circles and bags, and hyperpigmentation. 

Infusing a portion of your blood with thrombocyte-enriched cells helps the skin by improving collagen formation and minimizing face scarring. Natural growth factors from your thrombocytes are injected into the treatment area, which causes skin rejuvenation and volume regeneration.

What Results Can You Expect from Natural Growth Factor Injections?

The results of natural growth factor injections vary depending on where they were injected. If injected into the scalp, natural growth factors can help reverse hair loss by reviving hair follicles, allowing them to produce hair. If injected in areas where wrinkles begin forming, the growth factors initiate collagen production, restoring the skin’s youthful structure.

Natural growth factor injections are highly versatile. The treatment can achieve several beneficial results for you. To determine whether natural growth factor injections can help you, schedule a consultation with a member of our staff.

When will the Results Manifest?

Unlike other aesthetic treatments that reverse signs of aging, natural growth factor injections don’t show immediate results. The results will become noticeable after four to six weeks of getting the injections.

Though the growth factors will begin working their magic immediately after the injections, the body will need time to manufacture enough collagen, repair cells, and heal itself enough to create noticeable results.

How Long will the Results Last?

The longevity of results varies from individual to individual, depending on several factors, such as general health and how fast collagen levels deteriorate. However, the average length that results last is six months.

We recommend scheduling maintenance sessions every six months to maintain the effects of natural growth factor injections.

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure doesn’t cause much pain, and the discomfort is manageable. However, you can experience slight pressure or pinching in some places, depending on where you are getting the injections. In light of this, your healthcare professional may apply numbing cream to the treatment locations at your request. However, this is not usually required.

Are There Side Effects?

After the surgery, you can resume your normal activities. However, there may be some adverse effects. Mild pain in the treated area is possible, although acetaminophen can lessen the pain. We recommend Tylenol.

Your doctor could advise waiting to wash your hair the next day if you get natural growth factor injections for hair restoration. You can also have minor forehead swelling a day or two after the injections. However, this is typical and will pass in 48 hours.

You can be sure that natural growth factor injections are safe because they don’t use unnatural ingredients. The injections are made of growth factors derived from the plasma drawn from your blood.

However, you should still consult an expert before getting the injections. A consultation can reduce risks significantly. Be sure to let your injector know if you are taking blood thinners like Coumadin and Plavix, and let them know all the natural, over-the-counter, and prescription medications you are taking.

Some medications could interfere with the natural growth factor injections. Blood thinners could cause abnormal bleeding at the injection site. After your natural growth factor injections, use gentle skincare products and moisturizers without potentially irritating ingredients.

Work with NWME Aesthetics for Your Natural Growth Factor Injections Needs

You should never attempt to get natural growth factor injections on your own. You should first consult an expert and have a certified professional do the injecting for you. Fortunately for you, NWME Aesthetics makes the process easier. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling 469-521-9679 or emailing [email protected].

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